Brain tonic for mental depressive states, Khamira Gaozaban, Plain, Karachi

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Added 23.01.2011

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Description Brain tonic for mental depressive states, Khamira Gaozaban, Plain

A reliable herbal remedy formulated by the collection of the ingredients beneficial for heart and brain which serves as a nervine and cardiac tonic.


it is a brain tonic and is useful for melancholia, other mental depressive states and palpitation.


For general nervous debility and brain weakness, for cardiac weakness and palpitation and for melancholia and depressive states two teaspoonfuls to be taken daily with milk or water.


Packing of 100gm


Each 100 gm contains:

Bombyx mori
10.52 mg
Centurea behen
26.31 mg
Cheiranthus cheiri
15.78 mg
Citric acid
07.89 mg
Coriandrum sativum
26.31 mg
Lallemantia royleana
15.78 mg
Lavandula stoechas
26.31 mg
Nepeta hindostana
26.31 mg
Onosma bracteatum (leaves)
78.95 mg
Onosma bracteatum(flower)
10.52 mg
Salvia haematodes
26.31 mg
Santalum album
26.31 mg
Sodium benzoate
07.89 mg
05.26 mg


Brand: BRAIN

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